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Machina is a modern piece.

Machina is a modern piece.

The play has no story as a tragedy by Euripides. Because it is a modern piece that does not act with real people. Rather, the interior of man shows fear, guilt, hate and anger. They are in every one. But where possible or beyond this is a rescue truck.
Machina, the machine, it will save the people. The man who mutates from the natural essence of the machine. As a machine that still retains characteristics of the natural characters such as fear of guilt, hatred and anger. A story similar to the film Metropolis (which presented on January 10, 1927, approximately ½-hour premiere version fell through with critics and the public also had no success, so why Machina understand straight away) Understanding is only for interest. You have interested in the other. We must care for the other. Anyone who thinks he has found his solution, has already lost the game. The representation of the social order is based on the image of capitalism, there are always two classes, one of which exploits the other, and it is virtually impossible to ascend from the lower to the upper class. There are always two people. A change is not possible. That the meaning of the machines to the workers remains incomprehensible, refers to the alienation of labor and human. On the other hand, said the act performs in dichterischerweise explicitly criticize the revolution which destroyed the livelihood of the lower class. The rescue is created by getting off the expected life. Expressionism and escapism, these are the tools. When I say we must be stupid, that means we need to know that we know nothing, that means we still need to be much smarter, but we do not have to do as teachers and scholars.

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Manfred H. Freude / Website (1.4.10 18:59)
Es gilt, unsere Lebensprobleme zu lösen!
Zum Hasse, nicht zur Liebe bin ich
Es ist die Geburt der Dichtung:
Dichtung ist diese Ästhetische Affirmation.
Die Deviation ist die Abweichung von der normalen Sprache
Mehr Leiden
Weniger Gleichheit
Weniger Freude
Mehr Unwissenheit
Wer lebt ist bereits Tot.
Tot ist Not.
Nur der Lebende stirbt
Der Tote lebt ewig.
Ekelhaft ist die Geburt.
Dieses Leben ist der Gedanke
Das Abschaffen von Leben
Es Vernichtet und Befreit.

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